FX – next Level

Various analyses of structures and processes in foreign exchange (FX) trading have shown that a majority of institutional investors is not positioned at the level they could potentially trade at.

Core deficiencies in terms of automation, performance attribution and cost efficiency mainly occur on account of outdated approaches in areas of technology utilization and data analytics, or due to missing cooperation with key innovation drivers. It is still frequently observed that digitisation projects are carried out ineffectually without exploiting the real potential of digitisation. The same applies to in- and outsourcing decisions.

Source: tabbforum.com

SchoeppeFX specializes in analyzing the individual FX setup of its clients from scratch in order to subsequently establish processes at a cutting edge level and create a cost-efficient overlay structure.

Actions say more than words: Most consulting firms claim that customer orientation is their top priority. SchoeppeFX not only offers complete customer orientation, we build our service around the individual needs of our clients from the very beginning.

Process and transaction cost analyses facilitate the measurement of our performance and show the extent to which we optimize setup and results. Ultimately, the goal is a significant and measurable increase in your performance - that is the core of FX next level.

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